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‘Wolfenstein’ returns with ‘The New Colossus’ on October 27th


‘Wolfenstein’ returns with ‘The New Colossus’ on October 27th

The trailer starts with a slew of scenes from fictional, live-action TV shows. It then pulls back to reveal a TV inside the game itself and a hospital bed where Blazkowiz lies out of action. He’s soon discovered, however, and put back on the front lines in Nazi-controlled America. The perspective then shifts to a diner in Roswell, where a German officer is ordering a milkshake. He asks the player for some identification papers, but before they can respond the perspective switches again, this time to a ship where Blazkowiz, wearing some kind of assassin armour is taking out Nazi forces.

Before he can finish the job, Blazkowiz is held at gunpoint by another group of rebels, and later brought in to talk to their leader. A brief exchange about the future of the world and then the trailer jumps to a super-cut medley of combat encounters. There are machine guns, robot dogs and, of course, brutal finishers aplenty. If this sounds like your bag, it won’t be long before you can play the game yourself — it’s out on October 27th.

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