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Windows 10’s smart backups may be going away


Windows 10’s smart backups may be going away

Windows news guru Paul Thurrott suspects that it’s a matter of establishing a consistent, cloud-linked backup system. File History can save previous versions of files in the cloud through OneDrive, but they’re always tied to a specific PC. If you need to get that old report on your new computer, you may be hosed. That’s not exactly comforting if a PC dies and you can’t go back.

OneDrive, meanwhile, already has a version history feature on the web. While we wouldn’t count on this happening, it wouldn’t be a stretch for Microsoft to bake that OneDrive versioning into Windows and ensure that you can restore files regardless of the system you’re on. The catch would simply be the cost — you’d need to spring for one of Microsoft’s Office 365/OneDrive subscriptions (starting at $70 per year) to get that reassurance where you already have something like it for free.

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