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Trump withdraws US from Paris climate change agreement


Trump withdraws US from Paris climate change agreement

Obama joined the Paris Accord without a vote from Congress, meaning Trump can abandon the climate change agreement without a vote as well.

Many begged Trump to keep the US in, including 25 companies that penned an open letter published today in the New York Times. Yesterday, Elon Musk threatened to cease advising the president as part of Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum if he decided to drop US participation in the Paris Accord.

The protocol for leaving, which the president says he’ll adhere to, could take four years to complete, meaning voters might be able to reverse the decision depending on who they elect to office in 2020. In fact, timing would put the US exit occurring on November 4, 2020, just one day after the next presidential election.

Trump stated that if the US can renegotiate an entrance into the accord at terms more agreeable he would be willing to do so saying, “If we can, that’s fine.”

President Trump was expected to be bad news for the environment. And he’s already rolled back a number of protective environmental measures, including the Clean Power Plan and has proposed crippling budget cuts to necessary government organizations like the EPA. This move is just the latest in a series of dangerous decisions that could harm the environment for many years to come.


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