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HP is turning trash into printer cartridges


HP is turning trash into printer cartridges

The initiative will help create jobs in Haiti and provide educational opportunities and scholarships for children. More importantly its goal is to get the kids that are collecting recycled bottles out of landfills and into school. Plus, it helps support their parents and other adults with safety and job training. The partnership will also help provide medical care.

HP is teaming up with Thread, a company that already uses recycled bottles from Haiti and Honduras to create clothes. The fabric is produces is used by Timberlake and Kenneth Cole. In addition to cleaning up the world and helping create a job market, Thread is trying to reduce child labor by creating an environment that employs their older family members.

The First Mile coalition which includes HP, Thread, Timberland, Team Tassy and ACOP helps get kids in school, gives their families employment opportunities and medical care and reduces the amount of plastic bottles that end up in landfills and in our oceans. So maybe paying those high ink prices is worth it.

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