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Google teaches kids to code with scenes from ‘Wonder Woman’


Google teaches kids to code with scenes from ‘Wonder Woman’

Using drag and drop blocks of code that comprise actions, objects and variables, those new to coding can see how the different aspects of code fit together to create a finished product. Young coders can use these code blocks to help Wonder Woman overcome obstacles in her path and reach her goals. It’s not the first time Made With Code has partnered with a new film to teach girls to code; it did so previously with Pixar’s Inside Out.

Google is also releasing an updated version of DC Legends, a game available in the Google Play store, with exclusive movie content and special events inspired by the Wonder Woman film. Additionally, over 100 teen girls were treated to an advance screening of the film as a collaboration between Google Play, Made with Code and Warner Brothers. Through these initiatives, Google’s goal is to help young women realize that coding can help them empower Wonder Woman — and themselves.

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