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Denny’s mobile ordering is your lazy ticket to bad food choices


Denny’s mobile ordering is your lazy ticket to bad food choices

More and more companies are offering online and mobile ordering. Taco Bell has been testing its Slack-based TacoBot, Starbucks is working on voice-based ordering, and in the UK, Domino’s launched an Xbox One ordering app. Facebook has also recently begun upgrading its food-ordering option, conveniently bringing all of the restaurants in your area that use its ordering service under one icon.

Along with its Twitter-based service, Denny’s will soon also offer a Facebook chatbot ordering option, which, according to the company, should be available in a few weeks. And for really hardcore Denny’s fans, a new set of Snapchat filters will let you properly share your all-day breakfast experience. The restaurant says it also has new, custom-designed take-out packaging that will ensure delivered food stays yummy, though what would keep boxed-up pancakes from getting soggy remains unclear.

While takeout ordering is available everywhere now, delivery is currently limited to just a few locations, which, until that expands, will likely limit much of the late-night bad decision orders.

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