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Boho-Chic Outfit Ideas – How to Dress Bohemian-Chic


Boho-Chic Outfit Ideas – How to Dress Bohemian-Chic

Let’s replace the idea of “festival dressing” with the wider-reaching, grown-up feeling of “boho chic.” It’s got the same laid-back, easy feel, but doesn’t require a mainstage to work. When going bohemian, keep your personal style top of mind. Focus on building off your signature look, and investing in pieces that will take you through the rest of the season—not just an epic weekend. Below, five fun spring looks for every sartorial personality.

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Nouveau Boho

Boho chic has evolved beyond off-the-shoulder crop tops, bell bottoms, and fringy bags, which have all begun to feel overdone and a bit dated at this point. What looks fresh now are artisanal pieces with authentic details. It girls and fashion editors have fallen for gauzy embroidered dresses and picnic basket-inspired bags—a winning combo for anything from a day at the beach to a bridal shower. Remember to adjust your accessories accordingly. In case you were wondering, flower crowns might be a thing of the past, but turbans and statement earrings are totally in.

Gucci Printed Silk-Twill Headband, $375,; Fanm Mon Red Linen Embroidered Mini Dress, $565,; Anna E Alex Blue Passementerie Chandelier Earrings, $390,; Cult Gaia Ark Bamboo Handbag, $128,; Joshua Sanders Jacquard Bow Detail Sneakers, $377,

Rock Glam

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When you’ve got a rock’ n’ roll attitude—and wardrobe to match—you don’t follow fashion trends, you start them. Toughen up a flirty floral blouse with a punky mini skirt, fishnets, and boots made for stomping. Rocking an edgy look doesn’t mean you can’t add a little personality with cheeky accessories that stand out in a crowd, like these badass, lippy shades.

Zara Pack of Rectangular Chain Necklaces, $19,; Alexander Wang Cropped Cold-Shoulder Floral-Print Silk-Twill Top, $550,; Linda Farrow x Yazbukey Bubble Gum C’est Ahh Sunglasses, $275,; Zara Fishnet Tights, $16,; Topshop Leather Side Buckle Front Mini Skirt, $180,; Vetements x Doc Martens Leather Boots, $630,

Classic Cool

Don’t get us wrong: We love our cutoffs, but you’ll get more mileage out of a cute pair of more polished shorts perfect for weekend brunch, cocktails, and beyond. What to wear them with? You can never go wrong with classic stripes. Mix them with abandon in coordinating colors, then finish the look with timeless accessories like aviator sunglasses or preppy loafers.

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