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‘Bastion’ studio’s ‘Pyre’ will be exclusive to PS4 on July 25th


‘Bastion’ studio’s ‘Pyre’ will be exclusive to PS4 on July 25th

“We wanted to make a game that had plenty of challenge and exciting action, but where the fear and frustration of getting stuck was not a factor,” Kasavin says. “Picking yourself up after being defeated could be part of the journey, rather than something that took place in your head while looking at a Game Over screen.

“So, one of the unique aspects of Pyre is how you are never forced to lose progress. Whether you prevail or fail, your journey continues.”

Sounds cool, right? There’s also the three-on-three combat, in addition to the oh-so-vibrant hand-painted landscapes and Darren Korb’s original score on the old gramophone to look forward to.

Last year, Kasavin said that launching on multiple platforms would add additional work to Supergiant’s small team’s plate and that it wouldn’t be feasible. But, considering the smattering of places you can play Bastionincluding Xbox One — maybe Microsoft fans will get to play it at some point as well. Considering that the Xbox One still doesn’t have Supergiant’s PS4 debut title, Transistor, perhaps Xbox owners shouldn’t hold their breath, however.

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