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Amazon’s Dash Wand lets you order groceries with your voice


Amazon’s Dash Wand lets you order groceries with your voice

The Amazon Dash Wand integrates with Alexa to help you out in the kitchen — you can convert measurements, find recipes and buy ingredients you’ve run out of. All you have to do is press the button and speak or scan a barcode, and your wish is the Dash’s command. The device is also water resistant, so it can handle living in a busy kitchen, and is magnetic.

The price and perks are where the Amazon Dash Wand really shines, though. It retails for $20 and is only available for Prime members. But currently, there’s a promo that snags you a $20 Amazon credit after you register the device. What’s more, after buying the Dash Wand, you get a 3-month trial of AmazonFresh (normally $14.99 per month) if you live in Seattle, Northern California, Southern California, New York or Philadelphia, where the service is currently available.

It seems a little silly to buy something in order to make it easier to buy other things, but at a price of basically free, it’s hard to argue with the Amazon Dash Wand. Amazon’s doing a smart thing with this little device, giving Prime customers a low-risk way to try out Alexa and, possibly, buy more Amazon devices in the future.

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